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    Horse rugs are a confusing Thing for many riders. Some riders do not feel the need to utilize them and consider them an unnecessary accessory, though others cannot imagine functioning without them. What's the truth? If you decide to utilize a rug, which would be suitable for your horse?

    It's true that in their Natural habitat, horses do just fine without such amenities as carpets. But, we must note that horses working in horse riding do not possess the same functioning conditions since the horses living in their natural habitat. To start with, horses training below the saddle are usually shaven, which damages their natural protective coating against low temperatures. Most time when it's cold outside, these horses invest indoors, where they are not subject to reduced temperatures. The matter of another diet is essential. This is precisely why we cannot expect them to possess the immunity that their free brothers possess. While altering the horses' habits and environment, we need to provide them with protection from the negative effects of e.g. weather. For this very reason we've got various types of rugs. Which kind would be most useful to your horse and if to use it? We will attempt to describe that.

    In shops you can encounter these types of carpets:

    1. Coaching -- this type of rug is set on along with a saddle. It'll be perfect for colder days. We should mention that training together must not be too exhausting, because your horse could have difficulty with losing heat surplus from the body.
    2. Dry -- normally made of fleece or some other material with moisture-absorbing properties. This type of carpets is usually used after instruction in order to dry the horse. In shops, you can find them as fleece rugs. They should protect the horse from heating too far, but at precisely the same time they do not block air circulation, so the horse does not sweat. To be used in stalls. This will protect your horse against the wind and rain. Made of materials easy to wash.
    3. Rain -- it safeguards your horse's coat from becoming wet during rain. This kind of rug is perfect for paddocks on rainy days. Mostly they are designed to be as waterproof as possible.
    4. Fly -- used to protect the horse from insects. Usually made of mesh material. This kind of a rug is super useful in summer time, where horses are especially subject to insects' bites of all kinds.
    5. Winter -- carpets using padding. Usually it is possible to pick from a couple of thickness of padding for a single version.
    6. Shipping -- to be used to safeguard the horse during transport.

    Another thing is to adjust the Proper length. Namely, the way to choose appropriate dimensions for your own horse. Particular producers have different size markings. There is a principle where for components of length is the duration of the rug on the horse's back. This value is crucial for choosing the proper size. Even in case you've got an S, M, or L dimensions, it describes the rug's span on the horse's back. E.g. a well-known producer of equestrian equipment Eskadron says that S = 125 cm, M = 135 cm, L = 145 cm, etc.. Obviously, it's best when you're able to take a look at a chart when all of the rug's dimensions are cited. Then you can be confident that a given size will fit your horse properly.

    As you can See, by employing proper rug you are able to help your horse in dealing with unpleasant Weather, insects, or protect him during transport. Also, you should not overdo The whole rug thing. If you utilize them if they Aren't required, you can disturb However, You Have to remember That without a rug once the weather is bad, you endanger your horse e.g. into a Higher risk of catching a cold.

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